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Our Serge Swamp (Sequencer With ArbitraryManipulated Pulses) panel is a faithful recreation of the original classic Serge analogue system.


This panel consists of the following elements:


  • 8 step programmer/sequencer
  • Pulse Divider & Logic
  • Digital Noise
  • Gated Comparator


Each kit includes:


  • Front Panel
  • PCBs
  • Components to fully dress the PCBs
  • Hardware to fully dress the Front Panel
  • Mounting hardware (including CGS91)
  • Black enclosure


Inclusion (option):


  • Power Supply Module (PSU-8 Micro-Dual-Rail Power Supply)
  • Regulated +/-12VDC supply




This Module is available to buy as - 


  • A DIY kit, parts and components to build your own, *including* power module and power supply.
  • A DIY kit, parts and components to build your own, *excluding* power module and power supply.
  • A Panel & PCB/s only kit. You will need to buy all other components (BOM available)


Serge Tcherepnin was a professor at CalArts, and was exposed to some of the earliest modular synthesizers designed by Don Buchla. Serge desired to create something like the exclusively expensive Buchla modular synthesizers "for the people that would be both inexpensive and powerful." After building prototypes, Tcherepnin went on to develop kits for students to affordably build their own modular synthesizer, production taking place unofficially on a second floor Calarts balcony. This led to Tcherepnin leaving CalArts in order to produce kits commercially.


After leaving CalArts, Serge had a small factory on Western Avenue in Hollywood. He relocated to a three-story Victorian house on Haight Street in 1980. While the synthesizers were inexpensive compared to Moog, Buchla, Roland and other manufacturers, Serge Tcherepnin's emphasis was always on providing musicians with quality equipment.




  • Contents: Panel, PCB/s, Enclosure Chassis, Components, Screws, Power Module, 12v Power Supply 110v-240v (Pin Adapter May Be Required to suit your countries power point)
  • Build and Technical Information: Click Here

BOCGS Serge SWAMP Analogue Modular 4U System DIY KIT

Power Option
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    With Tracking 7-14 Business Days (Estimated)

  • Sales & Taxes.

    The sale price listed is AUD (Australian Dollar), and is the final price to pay.

  • Payment.

    Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), PayPal.

  • Warranty/Returns.

    1-Year warranty against defects, and manufacturing faults. (Click for more)

  • Additional Notes.

    This device is supplied with an 12V (110-240v) power supply, and is suitable for worldwide use.