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The ED111 offers a new approach to powering your system. The ED111 provodes 12 individually regulated power module outputs. Each output comprises 2 linear regulator circuits offering high quality power rail conditioning to each module and isolation of the rails between modules. Both rails are capable of delivering in excess of 500mA* to each module. Total loading on the -12V rail for the whole busboard is approximately 600mA. For the +12V, each module output can supply in excess of 500mA.

Multiple ED111 boards can be cascaded in series as the ED111 employs a busbar design to the main power feed which is +15VDC.

Alternately your system can be expanded by adding a Powered Passive Busboards such as our ED126. Additional passive outputs can be added through either extra ED126 or ED123 boards This allows for a lower cost solution where critical modules are powered from the ED111 while non-sensitive/critical modules are powered from the passive distribution boards.

An optional 4HP Front Panel ED711 allows the user access to the power in socket and on/off switch or for those wanting to mount these components on the back/side/bottom of their cases there is the ED111 Power Plate.




This board is available to buy as - 


  • A fully assembled module with Vertical Headers




Dimensions: 205 x 101mm

Contents: Busboard

Build and Technical Information: Click Here

Elby Designs ED111 12-Slot Active Linear Regulated Eurorack Powered Busboard

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