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The ED142 facilitates a quick connect and disconnect of patches between 2 or more boats for transportation. A patch is simply created by patching from a module i/o in one boat to a patch-pont on the ED142 and then on the correspong ED142 in the other boat, the same patch-point is connected to the relevant module i/o point.


The ED142 will support up to 8 patch cables and can be supplied with either 3.5mm or 4mm jacks - which also makes it a useful tool for inter-patching between 3U and 4U format systems.


The inter-boat connection uses a standard DB9 (male-male) cable with a recommended length of 1m.


In general, the ED142 can be used for all kind of signals: control voltages, audio and digital signals (like Clock, Gate, Start, Stop, Reset). The transmission performance and the cross-talk between signals will vary depending upon the length and the quality/shielding of the DB9 cable used. It is recommended to separate audio signals from digital signals e.g. use 1x ED142 for for audio and CV signals, and another ED142 for digital signals especially when using longer DB9 cables.


The ED142 is fully passive and so does not need a power supply connection.

We recommend that any installation is fully tested before final use as it is impossible to predict the interaction of components in advance - especially when using longer cables.


When patching CV signals for pitch control it may be necessary to add buffers such as the ED129 - CV Multiples.




This Module is available to buy as - 


  • A fully assembled module with 3.5mm sockets. (Eurorack 1/8" Standard)
  • A fully assembled module with 4mm sockets. (Banana Jack)
  • A full DIY kit, all parts and components to build your own 3.5mm sockets.
  • A full DIY kit, all parts and components to build your own 4mm sockets




Width: 7hp

Depth: 22mm

Contents: Panel, PCB/s, Components, Screws

Build and Technical Information: Click Here

Elby Designs ED142 Extanda Patch DIY KIT Eurorack Synthesizer

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    This module is available to buy with 3.5mm (1/8" Jack) sockets or 4mm (Banana Jack) sockets.