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The ED701 is a small utility module that provides the user with the ability to quickly visualise signals in their system.


The 'Analyser' area to the left displays the FREQUENCY and PEAK-PEAK values of the input signal along with the THRESHOLD, TIMEBASE and FULL-SCALE settings of the miniScope controls.


When in [DC MODE], pressing the [OPTION] button will toggle the 'Analyser' area in to an alternate display where it will show the MEAN, MAXIMUM and MINIMUM voltage values of the input signal.


Pressing and holding the [MENU] selects the 'PARAMETER MENU] where the user can specify:-


  • TRIGGER MODE: OFF (free-running), RISE - triggers on rising edge, or FALL - triggers on falling edge
  • TIMEBASE: 25uS/Sample, 50uS/Sample, 100uS/Sample, 200uS/Sample, 400uS/Sample or AUTO
  • LINES/DOTS: The input signal can be displayed as series of DOTS or LINES
  • INVERTED/NORMAL: In some environments switching the display to White-On-Black can provide a more easily readable display. NORMAL mode is Black-On-White
  • BACKLIGHT: Turn ON or OFF the display backlight


Each setting is highlighted one at a time starting from the [TRIGGER MODE]. Pressing the [OPTION] key toggles through the available options while pressing the [MENU] key steps to the next setting downthe screen. After the last setting, the user is sent to the [TUNER MODE].


The ED701 would normally be used in [AC MODE] as its main function is to show wave shapes. Switching to [DC MODE] allows rough measurements of DC levels to be viewed.


TUNER MODE: An upgrade kit (requires minor modifications to the ED701 main board) gives the user a TUNER Mode that allows for accurate tuning of an input signal. The TUNER displays the nearest musical Note Name (A4, C#5 etc), the 'error' between the input signal and the musical note in cents and the actual frequency.

NB: Minimum input signal for frequency measurment is 1.6V pk-pk




This Module is available to buy as - 


  • A fully assembled module with 3.5mm sockets. (Eurorack 1/8" Standard)
  • A fully assembled module with 4mm sockets. (Banana Jack)
  • A full DIY kit, all parts and components to build your own 3.5mm sockets.
  • A full DIY kit, all parts and components to build your own 4mm sockets




Width: 8hp

Depth: 30mm

Contents: Module, Ribbon Cable, Screws

Build and Technical Information: Click Here

Elby Designs ED701 MiniScope Oscilloscope Tuner Eurorack Synthesizer Module

SKU: ED701
3.5mm or 4mm Jack
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    This module is available to buy with 3.5mm (1/8" Jack) sockets or 4mm (Banana Jack) sockets.