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The EURO-5V is an inline DC-DC converter that generates a +5V power rail for modules that also require a +5V rail in addition to the standard +/-12V rails.


An onboard header allows the adaptor to be configured as either 'module only' or 'loopback'. Or in other words it is configured for 5v to one point, or the entire board

In `module only' mode the 5V is only available to the module that is connected to the adaptor.

In `loop-back' mode the 5V rail is ALSO fed back on to the busboard allowing other modules on the same busboard access to the 5V supply. In this mode only 1 adaptor should be fitted per busboard.

The module is rated to in excess of 500mA.

Power is derived from the +12V rail so you must ensure that your system power supply is suitably rated for the additional loading (typically 125mA).




This board is available to buy as - 


  • A fully assembled module 
  • A full DIY KIT to build your own





Contents: PCB, Components

Build and Technical Information: Click Here

Elby Designs EURO-5V Eurorack +5V Inline Adaptor DIY KIT

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    This board is suitable for use worldwide 110-240v