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The ES12 contains 3x voltage controlled routers that can route one input to either of two outputs, or either of two inputs to one output according to the voltage level at the 'control' input.


The CONTROL switch point is, nominally, around 2.5V. When the CONTROL is low the signal path is A1 <--> B and when CONTROL is high the signal path is A2 <--> B


The switches are true bidirectional switches. You can feed signals through them in either direction. Note that due to the limits of CMOS, it can switch signals that are up to about +/-9 volts.




This Module is available to buy as - 


  • A fully assembled module with 3.5mm sockets. (Eurorack 1/8" Standard)
  • A fully assembled module with 4mm sockets. (Banana Jack)
  • A full DIY kit, all parts and components to build your own 3.5mm sockets.
  • A full DIY kit, all parts and components to build your own 4mm sockets




Width: 8hp

Depth: 50mm

Contents: Panel, PCB/s, Components, Ribbon Cable, Screws

Build and Technical Information: Click Here

Elby Designs Serge ES12 Triple Bi-Directional DIY KIT Eurorack Synthesizer

3.5mm or 4mm Jack
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    This module is available to buy with 3.5mm (1/8" Jack) sockets or 4mm (Banana Jack) sockets.