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The PEAK section compares the inputs at [PEAK 1] - [PEAK 4] against each other and the [MANUAL PEAK] control, and outputs the highest voltage.


In a similar vain, the TROUGH section outputs the lowest voltage of the inputs [TROUGH 1] - [TROUGH 4] and the [MANUAL TROUGH] control.


Both sections can be used to combine waveforms, CVs or envelopes in unexpected ways while the PEAK section is often used for combining gates from a sequencer.


Both the PEAK and TROUGH operate in the range of 0V to 6V, though in practice, you may find the TROUGH section does respond to input voltages going a volt or two below 0V.




This Module is available to buy as - 


  • A fully assembled module with 3.5mm sockets. (Eurorack 1/8" Standard)
  • A fully assembled module with 4mm sockets. (Banana Jack)
  • A full DIY kit, all parts and components to build your own 3.5mm sockets.
  • A full DIY kit, all parts and components to build your own 4mm sockets




Width: 14hp

Depth: 60mm

Contents: Module, Ribbon Cable, Screws

Build and Technical Information: Click Here

Elby Designs Serge ES84 Peak & Through Eurorack Synthesizer Module

3.5mm or 4mm Jack
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    This module is available to buy with 3.5mm (1/8" Jack) sockets or 4mm (Banana Jack) sockets.